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Posted by admin on 2011/12/22 22:50:00 (8269 reads)

Franco Calanca

Born on 5th of October 1966 in Ferrara
living in Castello di Serravalle, near Bologna.
pipemaker, scholar and performer

is responsible for the revival of the traditional north Italian piva emiliana which fell into disuse following the Second World War.
His pipe making began when, in 1988, working from the evidence of a few surviving instruments, he reconstructed this instrument.

He then began taking the music back to the people of the pivas former domain. It was taken into the repertoire of his traditional music group, Lanterna Magica; it has been played in concerts, presented at festivals and promulgated through performances and workshops in the schools, working on a project called “l’aria nel sacco” (the air in the bag) with Teresio Testa, another musician-researcher from Bologna.

In 1999, he made an album Al ballo con la piva, with the group's guitarist, Piero Negroni.

At the same time, Franco Calanca was active in the formation of the Bagpipe Interest Group, which focuses on the great Highland bagpipe.
Franco Calanca has also successfully begun making Great Highland Bagpipes as well as Scottish small pipes, and has become widely recognised as the person to go to in Italy for repairs or good, locally-made Scottish pipes. .. and, of course, for the piva emiliana.

Since from the 2007, with the folk group “Pive nel Sacco”, is the main organizing responsible of the annual “Piva Raduno” Festival (Piva Gathering Festival)

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