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Documento senza titolo

The “Associazione Piper Italiani – Italian Pipers’ Association" and the "Bagpipe Italian Group" announce the sixth edition of the Italian Spring Piping School that will be held in Molino del Pallone (BO) , near Bologna, on April, 04 to 07, 2013

The initiative derives from the renewal of a five years long project of collaboration between the Italian Piper’s Association and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (formely the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama) and it also has the artistic support by the “Bagpipe Italian Group” and by the “National Piping Centre”.

We are very happy to share the beauties and joy of our early Italian spring with pipers from abroad because, as learners, we are keen to widen our circles of friends — and we concede that Highland piping is relatively young here. But you will not be compromising your learning experience by coming all the way to Italy, nor will you experience anything but the highest possible teaching standards. We are very keen. We are very determined, and we have gone to the best.

By working with the National Piping Centre, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, as well as leading pipe makers and suppliers and many of the finest pipers of Scotland and Canada, we ensure that we bring in the best for ourselves, as well as for our guests. The school’s core programme is a busy schedule of performance, maintenance, music and interpretation workshops in small groups and individual tuition at all levels for the great Highland bagpipe. A gala concert, ceilidhs, piping Competition and PDQB exams will also take place.

When you come to the Italian Spring Piping School you are warmly welcomed and embraced by a community that derives its affinities with piping from its own heritage — as the heartland of the Piva Emiliana, a tradition that is embarking on an exciting revival of its own. Then there is our food, our wine, our scenery, our wider heritage… we are proud of these things too, and we look forward to sharing the wonderful days of spring with you in Italy.